About me

Hi! I'm Eunice Hombria. Living its dream at 22. A tourism student who's about to Graduate this March 2016...AND a certified travel lover! But wait, im not that traveler you are thinking of. I've never been to places most of the travel lovers like you have gotten into. Poor me! Unfortunately, that is the reality..

My travel experience is a lot further as you can ever imagine. But, yeah I already did travel to great places ONCE. And that was to the  Queen of the South-Cebu and Bohol, Philippines.

This are significant places to me, because this is where I actually found my true love-- TRAVEL <3

For short, I'm a desperate traveler who wants to travel RTW with my passion & determination as my backpack!

For me, this is all the ticket I need for me to be able to fly my dream into reality.  

Please join me as I live to pursue this wonderful desperation..